Yeast Strains - for fresh baker's yeast and instant active dry yeast

Samples of our yeast cultures

The SPIEGELMAYR yeast strains are suitable for all applications in the production of fresh baker's yeast, instant active dry yeast, liquid baker's yeast and special baker's yeast for high sugar/fatty dough.
Several yeast strains in combination can be used at the same time.

Our yeast strains are the basement for the production of bakerís yeast. Combined with our fermentation process you can reach a high yield, high rising power and best shelf life.

Our pure cultures contain a lot of yeast and can be inoculated directly into the Carlsberg and we guarantee a short time yeast fermentation with high harvest. It thus eliminates the complicated and time-consuming yeast propagation in the Freudenreich and Liebig glass fermenter! 

What kind of bakerís yeast quality you ever need, we can advise you. Please ask us. We are always ready to advise you in order that you can produce yeast as your market requires.

If you want more information, please contact us.

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