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SPIEGELMAYR - Bio Betabac Plus (BBBP) and Rising Power Stabilizer (RPS):

To prevent nitrite, gram positive bacteria in the baker's yeast and stabilize the rising power against several baking additives like preservatives, which can reduce the rising power of baker's yeast in the dough, we recommend to use our product:

SPIEGELMAYR Bio Betabac Plus and RPS:

Bio Betabac Plus is a combination of several beta acids. RPS is a bactericidal and fungicidal product which includes a rising power stabilizer. Using this combination of biological products in yeast fermentation the fresh-and instant dry yeast has the following additional advantages:

  • Better rising power of final yeast.
  • Better durability of final yeast.
  • Higher yeast yield.
  • Better brightness.
  • Very good odour.


 Bio Betabac Plus and Rising Power Stabilizer

Use our product instead of antibiotics!
We will advise you how to use our product efficiently.

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